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Celtic Knot™ Collection


A symbol in the right hands becomes a representation of faith. The Celtics believed that carving a Celtic Knot was a blessing of eternal faith, love and hope. An oath of faith and love they would vow, set in stone, symbolizing their wishes for eternal health, family, prosperity and wisdom.

A perfect thoughtful gift for a friend, family or loved one, a blessing full of faith, hope and love that will be a daily gentle reminder for eternity.

Finest quality 925 Sterling Silver and VVS Clarity Simulated Diamonds will always remind you that Faith, Love and Hope are with you forever.

✓ 18K Gold Finish
✓ Pure 925 Sterling Silver
✓ Natural Green VVS Zircon
✓ FREE Luxury Gift Set

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Celtic Cross™ 18K White Gold Pendant

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