10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood When You're Feeling Down

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood When You're Feeling Down

Have you ever thought why some people are just so happy in life that sometimes, even if they have a big problem, they still tend to be relaxed happy people?

Sometimes, we are just so overwhelmed with things in our head and what is going on around us and we can’t help ourselves but to feel a little out of whack.

But whatever that has been going on, know that it is okay not to be okay at times and to make you feel happy today, we are going to give you 10 tips on how to enhance your mood pill-free!

1. Breathe Right

You do it every day but most people don’t even breathe properly. This is because we take shallow breaths using the upper part of our lungs. To encourage proper breathing, inhale slowly through the nose. Then exhale through your mouth.

Be present. Be in the moment. Breathe for a count of 20, then 30. Got a bit of time? Do 60. Think of it as cleansing breaths. The oxygen must go to the deepest part of your lungs. Breathing exercises are proven ways to think of happy thoughts and enhance mood.

2. Go out for a Walk

We can all agree that staying cooped up indoors all day can lead to feeling anxious and unhappy. If you’re feeling down, try to get some fresh air and sunshine, even if that just means sitting on your patio for a little while. A walk in a park can provide a mental boost, and while you’re on your walk, take a look at your surroundings and think of happy thoughts – feel the air, deep breathe. Calm your mind and just simply relax.

3. Surround yourself with positive friends

When you’re feeling down, spending time with a friend who tends to be more positive can be helpful. Surrounding yourself with happy people who have a positive energy can change your mood. Give your friend who tends to look on the bright side a call next time you need to gain some new perspective. You can also have a good chit chat about Celtic stories like A Fascinating Irish Story of Love and Adventure that will surely make you think of happy thoughts.

4. Do something you’re good at

Whether it’s running, baking or hula-hooping, doing something you’re good at is a quick and easy way to improve your mood. (Unless the only things you can think of are eating junk and drinking beer, of course.) Doing something you know you kick arse at will give you a sense of achievement — and it’s near impossible to feel down when you’re proud. Hobbies can be fun, mentally stimulating, and lead to feeling accomplished, confident, and happier. Some people do shopping therapy by buying gifts for themselves like Irish jewelries as part of their practice to enhance mood.

5. Listen to a Favorite Tune

It’s quick, easy, and an instant life-me-up. Sing along for the added boost! Listening to upbeat music can actually improve your mood as well. It’s important not to overthink, “Am I happy yet?” while listening, and instead just allow yourself to enjoy the experience. So don’t be afraid to turn up the jams when you’re feeling low. And don’t forget that you can dance too!

6. Do random acts of kindness

Doing something good for someone you know can’t pay you back can make you feel better!  More than half of participants in one study reported feeling happier and more energetic after helping others in need.  They also felt calmer. Other things that you can do is to buy them gifts for their special occasions.

7. Look at something green

If your office has a great view of a park, now’s the time to enjoy the view. But if you’re facing a wall, then a screen saver of a field, lake, or meadow works just as well. Green calms the mind. There have been thousands of studies which prove that being out in nature has a positive effect on our mental wellbeing. And hence that reason why Celtic-Knot is green too!

8. Have some scents handy

Essential oils do more than just scent up a room. They can enhance your mood as well. Try orange and lavender. Take a whiff and watch as your anxiety melts away. Diffuse the scent or simply take a sniff from a container.

9. Allow Yourself to Vent Out

There are actually some advantages to venting about a problem to a friend, and helping to enhance your mood is one of them. In many (though not all) situations it’s better for you to discharge negative emotions than to keep them bottled up inside. So while you don’t want to be the person at home or work who is always focusing on the negative, there is definitely a time and a place — not to mention a therapeutic reason — to vent when needed.

10. Get Enough Sleep

We might feel gloomy when we don’t get enough sleep. You can be grumpy, and your mood can change a lot. Without enough sleep, you can become irritable and moody, and long term sleep deprivation is proven to lead to depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that many people who suffer from anxiety or depression sleep for less than six hours a night. Get your favorite pajamas and pillow then get ready for an awesome sleep!

Got any more tips that get you out of that mood rut? What do you do when your day suddenly takes a bad turn? We’d be happy to hear from you!


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