A Simple Guide on How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

A Simple Guide on How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Most people think that the best way to find out your ring size is to go to a jewelry shop and have a jeweler measure your finger but in reality, you can find your ring size at the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to buy yourself a ring online or plan a big engagement surprise for your loved one, there are three ways on how you can measure the size of your finger at home.

Before doing the ring size measurement it is important to consider your knuckles before measuring. You have to slide the ring through your knuckles so you need to think about it when measuring your ring size at home. You must also consider that the finger size changes when there is change in temperature, physical exercise, weight changes and medication.

When in doubt about your size, it is best to go a size higher than lower.

Paper Strip Method

Method 1: Paper Strip Method

Things you need:

  • thin strip of paper
  • Ruler
  • pen

How to measure:

  • using a thin strip of paper, wrap it around your finger and ensure that the paper is placed below the finger and close enough to your knuckle.
  • Mark the area where the paper strip meets, then use the ruler to measure the distance.
  • The number closest to the pen mark is the ring size in inches.

Method 2: String Method

Things you need:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen

Cut a string that is 6 inches long.
Wrap the string around the base of the ring finger, slightly below the knuckle.
Use the pen to mark the string where it ends.
Lay the string on the ruler with the area marked on your right.
The number closes to the pen mark is the ring size in inches.

String Method
Existing Rings Method

Method 3: Existing Rings Method

Want to get the ring size of a loved one without letting her know? You can use one of the rings worn by your loved one. Wear the ring until the point where it stops. Measure the area in between the upper edge and lower edge of the ring. You can use these measurements to get a ring size.

If there is an existing ring that fits, it can be used to measure the exact size. If you do not know the exact size in numbers, you can simply use a print chart included in this blog. Place the ring over the circles and choose the size that best suits the ring at hand.

Method 4: Ring Sizer Method

If you’re worried about one of the above two strategies not guaranteeing accuracy, you can purchase your own ring-measurement tool. They don’t tend to be expensive, and there are many options online so, again, you don’t have to leave your house to get this step accomplished.

Ring Sizer Method
Measuring Ring Size at Home

Do's and Don'ts in Measuring Ring Size at Home

  • Do not measure fingers in cold weather as the coldness in temperature shrinks the fingers.
  • Consider measuring the finger at the end of the day to make sure that the temperature has already settled down - not too cold or hot.
  • If you caught yourself having two sizes, it is best to go for a larger size.
  • Measure the size of your finger three to four times just to be sure you're getting the accurate measurement.
  • Fingers can swell when taking some medications or if the person is pregnant. so make some adjustments accordingly.

A ring is not just a symbol of love and loyalty, it is also an investment that you need to think about. So find the right size, just like finding your right fit

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