Applying And Understanding The True Essence Of Irish Pride. Be Proud Who You Are TODAY!

Applying And Understanding The True Essence Of Irish Pride. Be Proud Who You Are TODAY!

As a human race, we are proud of the nation we are born in. We take pride in the success and growth that we experience as a country and we are happy to share the glory we achieve in any shape or form because this is the place where we're born and we are blessed to take part in such a culture.

It makes you wonder, what are you truly proud of? Are you proud of the idea that you are of the same race of the country that you are in? Are you proud of the national heritage that is encompassed within your country? Are you proud of the people, the actors and actresses? The symbolism and meaning passed through generations before yours?

Truth be told, we are proud of all of that and more. We are proud of our nationality and race because we believe that we are a small portion that showcases how rich our heritage, culture, and practices are. Which brings us to our main agenda, why are you proud to be IRISH? If you ask any Celtic or Irish person why they are proud to be Irish, you will get a mouthful of reasons and it will just remind you of how beautiful and rich our culture is.

Applying And Understanding The True Essence Of Irish Pride.

Symbolism and Meaning through Jewelry

If you look at the collection and selection of designs that Irish and Celtic people use in their jewelry, you will be astonished and shocked at how beautiful they are. Amidst the beauty in design, the story and meaning behind each symbol also embody elegance and values.

Just to name a few that people are truly familiar with would be the Celtic Knot, Claddagh, and Celtic Cross. These symbols embody Love, Unity, Friendship, Faith, and Loyalty, values that we should practice and live by in everyday life.

Respect For Other People

The misconception of Irish people being rude and hot tempered may seem like a stereotype. Irish people have strong personalities and a heavy tone. You may think that we are loud and obnoxious, but we truly mean well, it just so happens that we get excited or ecstatic about something which shifts our tone and we would seem like we are enraged.

We aren’t saying that we aren’t going to fight when the need arises, but it would be best that you understand that we are good people, just don’t poke at us. We will respect you as much as you respect us, it’s a give and take type of relationship, don’t expect respect if you can’t give and practice it.

Applying And Understanding The True Essence Of Irish Pride.
Applying And Understanding The True Essence Of Irish Pride.

Landmarks And Tourism

Backed up with the rich meaning and symbolism that Celtic and Irish jewelry possess, Ireland is also a place to consider when travelling for tourism. The beautiful and scenic places that we have to offer are truly worth the trip. Asides from celebrating festivals on a monthly basis we have places that are rich in history and stories that will take you back in time and slowly make you realize how beautiful our country is.

These are only some of the reasons why we take pride in the Irish culture and there are so much more. We aren’t alcoholic, but we do love a pint of beer or a shot of whiskey when the need arises. We are fans of potatoes, and we love sports. But these are just a few things that showcase how Irish we are and we truly welcome you to share our practices and beliefs.

You don’t have to be Irish to take pride in what we believe in as Celtic and Irish people. If you want to be proud of what we offer as a country then we surely welcome you with open arms as one family. Irish and Celtic jewelry is one of the ways we express our pride in and values as IRISH people.

Visit our shop today at Celtic Knot Jewelry and check out collections that will match your style, story, values, and beliefs. Wear jewelry that does not just serve as an accessory, but an extension of your personality.

If you want to share other reasons why you are proud to be Irish feel free to comment down below and we would love to hear about it.


  • I love Irish Jewlery

    - Virginia OBrien
  • I am extremely Proud of who I am!! My Grandparents were O’Brien’s from Co.Clare Ireland. I still have cousins there. My dream is to some day meet them… And my favorite jewlery is the Celtic Knot Collection. I already have a few different Claddah rings. Also I loved the write up about why we should be Proud!! 💚💚

    - Maureen Michaels

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