Earth Day 2021: A New Way to Celebrate

Earth Day 2021: A New Way to Celebrate

Horraaaaay! It’s the time of the year where we celebrate Earth Day 2021! But wait, why do we celebrate earth day and why do we even need to participate in the celebration of Mother Earth?

When did the Earth Day Celebration Start?

People from around the globe often celebrate Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s and more but often leaving the Earth Day unnoticed and uncelebrated. But the celebration of Earth Day is very important as this is our chance to honor the only planet on Earth that is livable - well, unless it’s okay now to breath on Mars. 

Earth day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 to increase public awareness of the world’s environmental problem and now we're being celebrated around the globe in the hopes of the public and governments to their clean air and clean water act. 

How to join the celebration of Earth Day?

The planet earth is the only planet that allows us to eat, breathe, celebrate love and life and exist that is why it is so important for us to take care of the only place we can live in. Here are 10 simple ways you can celebrate this Earth Day!

For most people it goes under the radar, unnoticed and uncelebrated. In a society where we honor each other with celebrating birthdays, Mothers/Fathers Day, Christmas, etc., let’s come together and honor the earth that allows us to eat, breathe, love and exist. 

The Big Turn Off on Earth Day 2021

Did you remember when your mom would scream at the top of her lungs to tell you about turning off the lights and appliances you’re not using when you were still a child? Yeah, that turn off event is not just about trying to save electricity bills but also the energy consumption and makes the Earth a little bit cooler. So for today, switch off your appliances and lights when you leave the room. This exercise is very simple but it takes a conscious effort plus it will not only help you save but also helps you to prevent fire. Double purpose, ayt?


Every year, about 15 billion trees are cut down throughout the world. These trees are being used to make everything from lumber and paper, food additives, shoes and more. And as many as trees being cut down, there are more chances of floods and the heat in the world will go up because no one is producing clean air. That is why it is important to recycle papers, bottles and jars. It is a small habit that if every person is doing will make a powerful impact to change the world. Plus the kids will also love this habit that they will carry for the next generation to come. 

Get Planting

Out of the 15 billion trees that are being cut down every year, 11 billion of them are never replaced. It is a sad truth that everyone must realize. Plants and trees are eliminating carbon emissions that are involved in running our factories and cars. So if you have a space in your backyard, create a veggie patch. Not only are you helping the environment, you are also going to produce fresh and organic vegetables that you can cook and serve with your family. 

If you have limited outdoor space, you could start by buying brands like Celtic Knot that supports various organizations to plant trees on your behalf. Every jewelry that you get from our shop supports One Tree Planted which helps to plant trees one at a time. 

With your help, we can be able to make this place a better place for us to live in. A place where we can still pass on the next generations to come. 

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating and honoring the earth this Earth Day? Share your ideas in the comments section below!


For every piece purchased with Celtic Knot Jewelry, you are planting one tree through our partnered foundation. One Tree Planted.

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