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How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Shot With Your Celtic Knot

By Jennifer Murphy September 20, 2021 0 comments

Getting married is one of the momentous occasions that two people share, on that special day you cherish the bond and promise that you plan to exchange for the rest of your respective lives. But before you get to that big “special” day, you celebrate the promise made with your engagement ring. This is the moment wherein your partner has decided to propose and you have accepted.

If you haven’t noticed, in today’s society we are proud to showcase this moment through social media platforms or we would want to reminisce about this moment through photos years later. We wouldn’t want to reminisce to blurred photos or through shots that are unappealing and we would want to take the best picture of our engagement rings.

Another factor is that as Irish people we aren’t just going to get any engagement ring, we choose to showcase our heritage and values through the symbolisms that we believe in. The perfect example of these pieces would be the Claddagh and Celtic Knot Ring.

These pieces embody the values of Unconditional Love, Commitment, Friendship, Unity, and Loyalty. These values embedded in these pieces are what we want to showcase and remember.

The next question is, should you hire a professional photographer or can you do it yourself? It would be easier and more convenient to hire someone to take these photos for you, then again, we aren’t all well off, or we aren’t all lucky enough to have a professional amongst our peers and colleagues.

Here’s how to take that perfect shot all on your own!

The Preparation

The Preparation

Before taking those photos, you have to make sure that you are prepared. It would be a waste of time to take several photos yet the pieces worn or even your hand aren't at par with your expectations.

Make sure that you clean the ring before shooting, this will encapsulate the true beauty of the piece negating smudges and dust that could be visible in your shot. Another tip would be to get your nails clean and done before the shoot, it may sound like a reason to get a manicure, but you can opt not to do so as long as your hands are squeaky clean.

The Background

You could easily take pictures of your hand on the table and just blur out the background, but some couples or individuals choose to take shots that are different from what you see on ads. A great suggestion would be to take your partner to the first place you met or a beautiful scenic view and take the shot with them. It showcases a fond memory and would also look great in the shot.

Some people find it interesting to use props or other objects that can draw attention yet the focus would still be on the piece, serving as an inanimate background in the shot.

The Background


Keep shooting till your heart's content. The perfect shot isn’t really on the first click. A lot of professionals make it seem like it, but that’s why they take hundreds and thousands of photos on each shoot is because you can always find that perfect moment within a pool of misses. It may seem exhausting to take several shots, but trust us, it will be worth it.


Have fun with it, unlock the inner quirks you have, you may not notice it, but seeing genuine happiness in photos can put a smile on anyone’s face. Smile even if you are just shooting your hand, it makes the shoot more comfortable and keeps your hands relaxed during the shoot. If you are taking these photos with your partner, make sure to share a laugh or two and try to take those candid moments to your advantage.

The perfect shot and the perfect engagement ring may not exist, the perfect scene would be the genuine happiness that these pieces and photos bring. Embody your beauty and values in every piece.

If you haven’t found an engagement ring yet, check out our store for pieces that may suit your liking at Celtic Knot Jewelry & Co.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions down below, we would love to hear from you!


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