Knowing The Beauty Of Lyrics And Melodies That Celtic Music Has To Offer.

Knowing The Beauty Of Lyrics And Melodies That Celtic Music Has To Offer.

When we think about music, Irish and Celtic music doesn’t really ring a bell. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the global contribution of these rich melodies and lyrics. Irish and Celtic music has been around for generations and has been beneath the radar for the majority of society. But if we take a deeper and closer look at what these lyrics and melodies try to deliver, we will be welcomed by the rich history and heritage that these pieces have to offer.

The most significant factor that Celtic and Irish music has brought to the table that we barely know about is that the sound in its melodies are rooted in country music. If you listen intently to both styles you will hear the resemblance in it’s true form.

What makes Celtic Music or Irish Music so impactful you may ask, it’s the sweet sound that resonates in each piece. If you listen to the songs played in titanic or the music you hear at Renaissance festivals you will hear the accompaniment of different instruments producing one solid sound. You can hear the harp, bagpipes, guitar, accordion, and even a violin all playing to the same beat and melody but producing a sound that is sweet like ecstasy.

Here are 3 Reasons why you should listen to Celtic and Irish Music:

The sound is relaxing Man with a guitar

1. The sound is relaxing.

The most common arrangement that we assume would be played for Irish and Celtic music would be something that accompanies the Irish jig or River dancing. But that isn’t the only form of music that they have to offer. If you have never heard the harp played while you close your eyes and humm to its melody, then you are missing out. The harp is the national instrument in Celtic music and it surely does tick all the boxes of relaxation and soothing music.

2. Celtic music adapts.

Of course there have been pieces that were passed down through generations of Celtic practices that focus on the natural sound we hear from the duffle, harp, guitar, or any other Celtic instrument. However, the beauty about music is that there are no boundaries on how you express a specific melody or write lyrics that have meaning. Celtic music over time has adapted to the current genre we hear today but still has the essence of our ancestors.

Celtic music adapts.
Celtic music tells a story.

3. Celtic music tells a story.

Music in all aspects aims to tell a story and Celtic Music is no different. Values and symbolisms that have meanings through designs are also interpreted in music. We all know that Celtic and Irish people take their symbolism to heart and express their practices through all forms, and that includes music. Another thing that makes Celtic music different is that they do not focus on the volume of how they play their sound or sing their melodies, they focus on how it makes people feel and how they can interpret their story. And that’s just beautiful.

There are more assets as to why Celtic music brings something different to the :Music Industry” but it will really depend on the people that listen to it. You can freely express raw emotions and interpret different stories through a variety of melodies. The important factor that all musicians aim for is that you appreciate and value what they are trying to project and you are capable of triggering different emotions through the lyrics and melodies.

Music is such an art form that we can never contain it in words, there is no definite interpretation, and there are no limits and controls. The music you listen to and follow are within your discretion and beliefs.

The true essence of Irish and Celtic music is to ensure that you are emotionally connected to your roots and that you are proud of your heritage. Let’s stay connected through music and Celtic keepsakes.

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