Traveling Leads To Discovery, Learn More About Irish History, Food, And Landscapes That Can Help You Understand The Beauty Behind Its Meaning.

Traveling Leads To Discovery, Learn More About Irish History, Food, And Landscapes That Can Help You Understand The Beauty Behind Its Meaning.

Traveling for some people may seem like a luxury, moreover, the majority of people that travel want to discover. They want to unlock the potential hidden in each country. They want to indulge in the rich culture and further understand the traditions, values, and symbolism behind what’s on paper. We blindly assume that a country is beautiful or that a destination is worth the travel through pictures, yet we haven't grasped the idea that it’s more than that.

Ireland is one of those countries that’s more than what a picture can encompass and embody. The historic practices and traditions are still widely practiced across the country. The belief and stories passed on over generations are still evident in every household and is showcased through every landscape.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are more people intrigued and curious about what Ireland has to offer as a travel destination and we are about to share 10 reasons why it should be in your list as well. Ireland is not just known for the destination, but it may also be through their people.

Remarkable Natural Landscapes

#1 Remarkable Natural Landscapes

When you think about Ireland, the first thing that comes to mind would be a bunch of hills and fields. What may shock you is that Ireland is rich in castles, rock formations, and beautiful seasides and oceans. Not to mention that each castle and rock formation you may encounter has a story to uncover. The reason why these structures have such an impact is because they are designed with the symbols that date back to Nordic and Celtic times.

Each symbol and artifact that you encounter will mean something and would embrace values that you wouldn’t expect. The meaning behind these symbolisms would encompass Eternal Love, Faith, Unity, and Commitment, values that are practiced and personified in today’s Irish society.

#2 Music And Festivals

If you aren’t familiar with St. Patricks Day, wherein some people convert to being Irish, you may want to know that this is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Ireland. On top of that, it isn’t the only festival celebrated. Ireland is truly the home of music and festivals. They have a festival throughout the entire year that celebrates a variety of occasions. They have a festival for food, music, art appreciation, patron saints, dancing, and so much more.

Should you be a traveler looking for an event that can occur anytime of the year, then Ireland is the place to be.

Irish Girl In Music And Festivals
daenerys targaryen and Jhon Snow in Game of Thrones

#3 Game Of Thrones

Have you heard about the series? Game Of Thrones? Ring a bell? You got that right, Ireland, especially Northern Ireland is where the hit series was filmed. The beautiful landscapes and castles that you saw on television are pure, clear cut scenes from Ireland. Some people may not know this but the producers even hired several locals to cast as extras on the show, which pretty much gives you a glimpse on how historic and beautiful the country is.

#4 Road Trips

Traveling to the destination is only one part of your journey, your goal is to further invest and immerse yourself in the country. What better way to learn and discover a place than to drive it yourself. At your own place, at your own time. Further unlocking the wonders that the country has to offer. Here are a few driving destinations that would rock your world.

  • Follow the Wild Atlantic through the west coast
  • Visit the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula
  • Hop from capital to capital, driving north from Dublin to Belfast City
  • Drive along the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland
Road Trips
Beer And Whiskey

#5 Beer And Whiskey

You may have Googled about Irish people being alcoholics, but let’s clarify the statement and remember that you aren’t alcoholic if you drink in moderation. Irish people drink Beer and Whiskey during special occasions, apparently, as mentioned there’s a special occasion every month of the year, but you can’t blame us for that. Kidding aside, Ireland is known for its Beer and Whiskey. Words wouldn’t be enough to explain the soothing and rich taste that these beverages have to offer, you are going to have to taste and see for yourself. Cheers!

#6 Irish Food

We have already covered traditional Irish dishes in a previous blog and we are confident enough to tell you that it is also one of the reasons why you should travel to ireland. The dishes prepared in Ireland are decadent and flavorful. You can assure yourself that traveling and booking a bed and breakfast will be one of the best decisions you can make. From the flavor palette that they have to offer to the unique spices and variety of cooking methods practiced. You will get your money’s worth.

 Irish Food
Celtic Knot Jewelry & Co.

These are just some of the reasons why you should travel to Ireland, if you can’t take our word for it, you may want to learn and discover them yourself. Amidst the landscapes, traditions, practices, food, travel destinations and alike, another aspect of the country that really hits home is how they have embodied all of these through the jewelry that they make.

Irish and Celtic jewelry encompass and embody all these values and traditions in every piece. They serve as the connection between an Irish individual and the roots and heritage that they believe in. Tourists can even own these pieces to serve as their indulgence in Irish practices.

You can own these pieces and get one step closer to being connected to your Irish heritage or to believe in Irish values and practices. Visit our website to learn more about the collections at Celtic Knot Jewelry & Co.

If you have comments and suggestions, feel free to comment down below, we would love to hear from you.

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