The True Essence Of Celebrating Independence Day

The True Essence Of Celebrating Independence Day
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Independence Day is fast approaching and the first thing that pops into our minds is how we would prepare the barbecue, purchase those fireworks, and call every family member in town. Then again, shouldn’t we consider that we are amidst an ongoing pandemic? Worry not, it does not mean that you can’t celebrate your freedom given certain circumstances.

We should first understand the true essence of independence day. So why do we celebrate such a momentous occasion? Those who have signed the declaration of independence had one thing in mind, and the truth is to ensure that every citizen can celebrate and enjoy their freedom. The only issue that we encounter is that people misunderstand the difference between freedom and absolute freedom.

We should be celebrating the idea wherein we are free from being conquered by different countries or neighboring countries rather than thinking about how we are free to do anything that we want. Given this concept, there are still some citizens that do not celebrate independence day to showcase their love for the country and would just assume that the celebration is unnecessary.

We are born on this earth given the opportunity to celebrate life, liberty, and property. The only reason why we are not capable of enjoying such is if we choose not to celebrate it. A lot of well-esteemed people have given us the leisure to enjoy our freedom through the declaration of our independence and all we have to do is embrace our existence and be grateful for what we are given.

So how should we celebrate such a momentous occasion? For starters, it would be best to take pride in our heritage and patronage as US citizens. There were so many sacrifices made just for us to enjoy the liberty we have today. We shouldn’t be taking it for granted. Spend time with family and friends, enjoy the occasion that symbolizes unity in freedom. And of course, last but not least be an example of a model citizen, practice your rights, and embody the values of a true American.

Interestingly enough there are still debates on when we should celebrate independence day, when the declaration was drafted on the 2nd of July, some have signed on the 4th, and the majority and followthrough were on the 8th of 1776. Then it was settled that since the signatures were taken on the 4th, it was made known to be celebrated on that day.

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50 years back, there were bonfires and parades, sports, and even bells celebrated on that day yet what we are faced with today may unlikely happen. Come to think of it, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate. 4th of July will occur whether the ongoing pandemic is present or not, but it doesn’t mean that we have to dwell in sadness since it isn’t as exciting as it was celebrated years back. Every citizen will always have that fire burning that ignites the freedom we all enjoy.

One of the easiest ways to take pride in celebrating independence day indoors would be wearing pieces of jewelry that can express the symbolism and value of independence. There is a collection at Celtic Knot Jewelry that embodies our patriotism and you should check it out and see it for yourself.

Let’s celebrate our independence in every way possible. Cheers to freedom, and cheers to the United States Of America.

Tell us about how you would celebrate Independence Day 2021 in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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