Understanding The Symbol Of The Tree Of Life And Why The Celtics Wear Them.

Understanding The Symbol Of The Tree Of Life And Why The Celtics Wear Them.

One of the most iconic symbols in Celtic Practices would be the Tree Of Life. Not only does the imagery and scenic pleasure it provides as a concept, moreover because of the meaning that it would possess. When we think about trees in a generic manner we know that they are one of the reasons why the human race can exist and live amongst the planet we are living in. Then again if we take a closer look at generations before us within our Irish heritage, the symbolism means more than that.

The deep and personal meaning of the Tree Of Life design is rooted from the belief of our ancestors that consider a tree as the bridge between earthly and divine life. The imagery of the Tree with its roots safely grounded and the branches reaching towards the ground embodies a perfectly symmetrical shape which also signifies eternity or the repetitive cycle of life.

Other beliefs within Celtic practices would be the notion that once you have fallen or passed, there is a chance for you to still communicate with the mortals on earth through the tree. Another belief would be the assumption of life-death-rebirth. In which some Celtic and Irish people still hold dear to and would wear these designs as a symbol of their faith.

Over the years and generations that have passed there have been so many assumptions and beliefs with regards to the symbol and its meaning. Yet, in the Irish community, we can agree that the symbolism is embodied within 3 core values that we all possess.

One Family

1. One Family

Family trees have been around for thousands and hundreds of years, yet even as they grow older, trees bear fruit. It perfectly depicts the growth of families, as the branches intertwine but originate from the same root. Whether or not many branches or twigs a tree possesses makes no difference; all of them are part of the same whole and benefit from the same roots.

2. Together In Harmony

It is difficult to design a symbol as significant as that of the Tree of Life. This tree is perfectly balanced; it has no excessive weight on either side, and is situated in a circle of interconnected branches. Even if you look at the tree from any angle or perspective, it will always remain the same because it is an eternal symbol that depicts no start or end. It is a call to action for all of us to remember that the harmonious relationship between man and nature begins with us.

Together In Harmony
Knowledge and Strength

3. Knowledge and Strength

The Tree Of Life is a symbolic representation of what our history and heritage have gone through and how it has lasted and testified against the test of time. Trees will wilt and even lose their leaves, then again as time goes by, they come back more beautiful and standing stronger than ever before. The design reminds us of what our ancestors have gone through, how they imparted their knowledge and wisdom throughout generations and how we have become stronger and better than they were before.

With these core values, the Celtic Tree Of Life or the Tree Of Life in celtic practices even have variations and symbols that vary depending on your personality. What we have to remember is that to its core, we still share 3 values and they are what we have imparted with you today.

Stop thinking about how hurdles and challenges have made you weaker and made you think less of what you are capable of doing. We all have to go through change, we all have to adapt to what is thrown at us, and we all are given the opportunity to grow.

Keep growing, flourish, and bear fruit. Sustain your values and stay connected to your roots.

There are so many practices and ways wherein you can showcase your belief in Celtic Symbols and values. You can even embrace and showcase these values through handcrafted Celtic keepsakes. Check out our shop today and let’s share our stories and beliefs as one family.

If you have Celtic values and symbolisms that you would want us to know or learn more about, feel free to leave a comment down below. We would love to hear from you.

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