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Unlock Your Inner Viking: Unique Viking Ideas That Can Be Included In Your Irish And Celtic Wedding.

By Jennifer Murphy October 30, 2021 0 comments

Weddings are very special especially for the couple celebrating it. As Celtic and Irish practices have been done in a traditional sense, there are viking practices and traditions in Norse mythology that can be inculcated on your special day. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to wear horns or costumes on your wedding day, not that it would be a bad thing, but we aren’t going that far.

Here are some wedding themes that are viking inspired to rekindle that nordic fire.


Mead Ceremony

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can allow your guest to experience a different aspect of the wedding when they taste something so traditional that was rooted in ancient practices. Drinking mead has been passed down through generations in celebration of weddings and special occasions in the early and late viking era. Having people share that tradition as you and your spouse unite with a special and ancient oath will surely make your wedding something to talk about.

Drinking Horns Souvenirs

Have you ever drank from a horn? Besides the fact that it looks totally different from your regular and boring glasses, it takes you back in time when people used to drink from it on a daily basis. Imagine your reception toasting a drinking horn after a speech. It’s not only going to elevate the aesthetics of people drinking together, it will also take you back in time when they used to do this in taverns and pubs.

Drinking Horns Souvenirs
Ignite A Bonfire

Ignite A Bonfire

In viking traditions a bonfire is very symbolic. It can be in celebration or in commemoration of a fallen hero. There are even practices when a boat is set at sea with the body of a hero and is lit ablaze to pay respects. That does not mean you’re going to burn someone on your wedding day, but if your venue permits, a bonfire gives you that viking feel that your wedding may want to experience.

The Viking Sweet-heart Seat

We have all attended weddings wherein the bride and groom are seated at the center of the venue in a regular chair wrapped in white linen. Imagine renting out or having a viking designed throne set in the middle instead of those flimsy chairs. It will give the imagery of the couple being viking lords and rulers with the people and guests as their subjects. It would take you back to your roots and give you the essence of traditional practices.

The Viking Sweet-heart Seat
Celtic Cross

Axe Throwing

There are certain games and events at wedding receptions, and what’s more viking than axe throwing. We all want to experience throwing an axe at a controlled environment. Have it as one of your parlor games and it will ensure that you have the coolest wedding ever. Who wouldn’t want an event wherein you can sling axes, that’s just a ticket for a good time.

Forge Your Own Rings

One of the viking practices that are still done in today’s society is forging jewelry. Imagine utilizing Celtic designs and symbols and incorporating them in viking rings. It’s the perfect combination of values and symbolisms in one package. Buying rings or diamond rings are slowly losing the trend and handcrafted pieces are becoming all the rage. Own handcrafted pieces over your typical shiny jewelry.

Celtic Cross
Dara Knot

Arrive On A Longboat

Have you ever seen these viking boats that can be rented out? Now imagine getting off at your wedding through such a vehicle. Not only would this turn heads but it would also look great on pictures. Take into consideration that this type of entrance would only work at outdoor weddings and should be planned before taken into consideration.

Either way, you may want a Western wedding, a Celtic and Irish one, or even a traditional Viking wedding. As long as the values and symbolisms within the union of you and your partner are shared throughout the event and that your love continues to flourish every wedding will be as beautiful.

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If you have other wedding themes and traditions that you would like to share with us, leave a comment down below and we would love to hear from you!

Celtic Cross

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