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Whether you’re in search of a gift to a loved one or a personal reward for a job well done, Celtic Knot has got you covered. Our pieces are intricately hand-made and designed with you in mind. Celtic jewelry is steeped in history and meaning. The different Celtic knots are deeply spiritual and go back generations. Our designs signify infinity.

We adore the symbol of infinity.

It represents what we all strive for. LOVE. FAITH. COMMITMENT. LOYALTY. DEVOTION.

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We want our pieces to be a reminder of all the wonderful things life has to offer – loving relationships, faith in pursuing a cause, commitment to a dream…

… all represented in a knot.

A seemingly small keepsake, but a colossal symbol of life. We put our heart and soul in crafting every jewelry item we create because we understand how meaningful these pieces are to you. These Celtic-knot keepsakes from our hands to yours — were made with a promise and commitment to receive only the best.

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We offer fine quality pieces inspired by the goddess and infinity knot. 925 Sterling Silver. Simulated diamonds with VVS clarity grade. At a price tag you deserve.

Celtic Knot goes well with any outfit and can take you from day to night without fuss.

Welcome to Celtic Knot.


The Celtic Knot’s Irish Origins

 The Celtic Knot’s Irish Origins

“May the good saints protect you and bless you today, And may troubles ignore you each step of the way.” - Irish blessing

The Celtic knot is the most distinguished Irish Celtic symbol. The designs are remarkable because the lines are distinctive without a beginning nor an end, which provides an illusion of depth to wherever it is inscribed. These Celtic knotwork designs can be found on Irish stone carvings and manuscripts that are as old as Ireland itself. These unique and beautifully crafted knotwork designs serve as the emblem of the Irish heritage because the people who are known as Celts lived in many areas in modern-day Europe and even spanned far beyond the Emerald Isle.

During the dark ages, the Irish Christian monks came to the Emerald Isle to bring the pagan Celts to Christianity, and that was when the Celtic knotwork designs began to appear. By the 7th century, they compiled the illuminated Christian gospels manuscripts and began to create beautiful adornments on them, including the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow, and the Book of Armagh. They took those designs with them as they spread to the Irish lands and eventually created a uniquely Irish art form. By the 8th century, interlacing knotwork already became the distinctive characteristics of Irish art.

For Pagans, Celtic Knot symbolizes the three planes of existence that of the mind, body, and spirit. For Christians, it’s the symbol of their essential core belief for one God, being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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