5 Ancient Charms for Modern Times

5 Ancient Charms for Modern Times

Historic Ireland is famous for its superstitions, magic, and ‘alternative beliefs’. We’ve compiled a list of ancient charms and spells based on this Irish magic.

We could all use magic or two. It’s all up to you on how you believe in ‘magic,’ But we can harness the power of positivity with some well-loved charms. Whether you seek a spell for love, luck, healing, emotional appeals, or even potency, these charms and spells will have something for you.

Here are five of Ireland’s well-loved ancient spells!

1. Irish spell to Attract Good Fortune

Have a candle, string, and trinket ready. Light the candle. Then loop the line through the charm and tie it. Swing the pendant above the candle’s flame while chanting the following:

“A candle flickers, this trinket I pass, good energy and fortune come to me, wealth, knowledge, influence, power.

“By suitable means come to me, wealth, knowledge, influence, energy.

“This trinket I pass into power to attract wealth, knowledge, influence, energy, come to me!”

Chant three times, then wear the necklace around your neck. Repeat often.

2. The Irish Beauty Spell

This spell makes you prettier than you think! Either having a total blast of confidence or just feeling extra beautiful – this spell is undoubtedly fascinating.

During a full moon, take a mirror and go outside (if you can’t, then open a window, make sure the moon is reflected on the mirror); take a piece of a picture of your hair, lips, eyes, or whatever you are interested in changing, and place it on the mirror.

While concentrating on it, say:

“Moonshine, Starlight, let the wind carry your light, let your glow cover my body, and let your shine cover every eye.”

Chant it three times and concentrate on the part you want to change. After that, that, say this:

“Moonshine, Starlight, shape and mold my body, as a rose is granted beauty,

let me blossom in your light, the light that brings me beauty,

and grant me beauty three times three.”

Say it three times, and light a pink candle or incense when you are finished.

3. The Irish Love Spell

They say if you stand beneath your beloved's bedroom window on the night of the full moon (between midnight and 1 AM), whisper their name three times to the night breeze. Hopefully, the guardian of the night breeze is listening.

The night breeze is said to have a guardian benevolent to those who seek his help. They say that this spirit of the draft is compassionate towards mortals during the witching hour – granting your favor.

Ádh mór! (Good luck!)

4. Irish Spell Against Low Energy

When a person becomes low, depressed, and careless about everything as if all vital strength and energy have gone, he is said to have got a ‘fairy blast,’ and blast water must be poured over him by the hands of a fairy doctor while saying:

“In the name of Lugh with his shining sword, who has strength before the gods and stands among them.”

Be careful to ensure that no portion of the water is sullied. Whatever is left over after the procedure must be poured onto the fire.

5. Irish Healing Charm for a Wound

“Cleanse your wound. And with two clean fingers, close the wound tightly. Repeat these words slowly while concentrating your energies on the injury:

In the name of Dagda, Bridget, and Diancecht. The wound was red, the cut was deep, and the flesh was sore; but there will be no more blood and pain until the Gods come down to earth again.”

There are still many Irish spells, but what is your favorite?

Of course, we do believe in the power of the mind. Most of these spells channel the energy of positive thinking.

So keep those positive thoughts flowing – set the right intentions, and let the magic begin!

Do you believe in the power of spells? Send some bits you know in the comments section below!

Wear pieces that are not only beautiful and elegant but rooted in magical beliefs.

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