5 Easy Pranks You Can Do at Home For a Happy April Fool's Day

5 Easy Pranks You Can Do at Home For a Happy April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is coming up, and many of us are looking for easy pranks we can do at home, especially when most of us are still home. But even if you are celebrating April Fool's Day or a family member's birthday, considering harmless but fun pranks can mean a lot to people who matter most to us.

But before doing these easy pranks at home, you must consider the "level" of the person you will prank. Are you pranking a person who's never been pranked before or someone with a little bit of experience?

Pranking someone is a serious decision, so ensure your pranks are just for fun and keep them safe. So without further ado, here are our top 5 favorite pranks you can do at home.

child wearing a friendly hat

1. Create some friendly hat confusion pranks. This prank, courtesy of BuzzFeed, is simple and potentially very expensive. To pull it off, you must acquire four versions of the same hat, each a slightly different size. When you're hanging out with your friend (victim), excuse yourself periodically. Each time you return, you should wear a slightly larger hat version.

Your investment, we assume, will pay off in confusion.

2. Make sure your friends stay alert even after they wake up! To do this, you must have duct tape and an air horn. Then place it under their swivel chair or at the back of the door and watch your dearest friends jump in pure excitement. Be bold and creative with your placement.

an air horn Birthday pose by a child

3. Post a birthday greeting on their Facebook wall. Just greet a friend even if it is not their birthday. You will be shocked to see how many greetings you will get and who knows your birthday.

4. Put sugar in their salt shaker prank. This is a classic prank that works all the time. So put some sugar in your salt shaker and ensure your friend will taste his food super sweet. Just a piece of advice - make sure your victim will not have any adverse effects after eating a lot of sugar. And make sure that you will put the sugar back in the right place after the prank. Making everyone safe is essential, even If you are doing the trick.

5. Do an "It's a Prank" engagement. April Fool's Day doesn't have to be full of pranks. It can also be full of love and joy. You can arrange a meeting by pranking your girlfriend first and ensuring she is super mad at you before you show them your endless knot ring.

engagement ring

So that's it! If you tried one or two things in this blog, please let us know, and remember to shop your favorite Irish jewellery items in our store today and help us support the One Tree foundation and plant one tree at a time.

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