Discover How To Cast and Read Norse Runes to Unlock The Magic That Exists Around Us.

Discover How To Cast and Read Norse Runes to Unlock The Magic That Exists Around Us.

Using runes isn’t how you can generate fire or lightning with your bare hands or fingertips. Runic readings and castings tap into your intuition and access your inner voice. You are showcasing and sharing what you want to say or foresee your desire. With that being said, there are a lot of rune layouts that can suit the answers you seek. Traditionally, rune layouts are done in odd numbers like 3,5,7,9, and an annual 24 design is done during the beginning of the year or winter solstice.

If we step back, runes are usually thrown or “cast” onto a piece of fabric while looking up into the heavens with the selected runes you plan to read. This practice is not outdated, yet we prefer reading them through a pouch in our non-dominant hand and thinking about the questions we seek answers to. As you pull out these runes with your dominant hand, you place them in a shape or layout of your choice.

There may be an official store or shop that sells authentic runes or rune stones. To answer this question, some shops sell this pre-made, or you can make them yourself as you engrave them on rocks, wood, or crystals. Infusing them with an extra layer of magical vibes is entirely up to you if you know what we mean.

Since there are only two ways to cast these runes, let’s move on to how to read and lay them out for these inner voices to break free.

3 -Rune Layout

3-Rune Layout

Three-Rune Layout is a primary cast for beginners that is perfect. Use the randomized methods outlined in this article to generate three runes for random selection from your rune pouch and then put them on the desk in front of you.

When drawing a rune on the wall, put a rune on the right, another in the middle, and the last on the left (so they should be in the order 3, 2, 1).

For the first rune, think of your overall situation or query.

This Rune is the second in the middle, signifying a challenge.

Rune 3 is one of two possible courses of action.

5-Rune Layout

The purpose of the five-rune layout is to place the five runes, one at a time, in specific locations.

In the middle, form a cross with the other runes surrounding it. To accomplish this, arrange the runes as follows: Rune two should be on the left of the center (west), Rune three on either the top (north), Rune four on the bottom (south), and Rune five on the right (east). Alternatively, you can lay them down with their faces down and turn them over to read them or flip them over to read them right away.

The layout conveys that three runes (2, 1, and 5) arranged horizontally symbolize your past, present, and future. The rune to the right of the central rune (3) denotes the possibility of gaining assistance regarding your problem or issue, while the rune to the left (4) indicates what aspects of the problem or issue.

5 - Rune Layout 7 - Rune Layout

7-Rune Layout

You can see the question's previous influences in the top left rune. To the left of the two letters on the second row, the rune indicates how current issues influence the question. When viewing the full left rune from the third position, you will see future actions that pertain to the question.

Looking at the rune in the middle, you can see what should be done to get the best result. When asked to explain their feelings or emotions, those to the right of the center bottom rune have shown considerable understanding. This rune, positioned two spots to the right, displays any potential issues that could arise about the query. And at the top right, you can see a rune predicting the future result related to the question.

9-Rune Layout

Nine is a mystical number in Norse mythology, so it is suitable to have a nine-rune ritual. When casting for your spiritual path, use this cast to determine where you are, where you're going, and the subsequent phases or opportunities.

Know about your spiritual yearnings when casting this casting method. Use one rune at a time. Go through your rune bag, pull out nine runes, and carry them for a moment or two. Once they are on your rune cloth, scatter them around evenly.

According to the prevailing opinion, runes situated in the middle correspond most to the current predicament. In contrast, those located on the outer edges are of lesser importance. The order in which the runes are placed affects how the influence of the runes relates to the garment. If the runes are near each other, they can work in synergy; however, if they are on opposite ends of the cloth, they are mutually opposed.

Prioritize attention on the runes which have managed to land face up. Use your written information to study the runes and learn more about them later. Finally, place all the upside-down cards in the same position. These last runes symbolize influences from the outside or the future and may yield different potential outcomes.

When you interpret these runes and what they mean or correspond to, you use your good intuition. The beauty and magic of these runes do not depend on your skills and capabilities in witchcraft. Moreover, they focus on what you deem necessary and what you genuinely want to express or tell yourself as you progress in everyday life.

9 - Rune Layout

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