Discovering and Understanding the Heroism of Celtic Mythology Through Spellbinding Stories. Values Rooted From History.

Discovering and Understanding the Heroism of Celtic Mythology Through Spellbinding Stories. Values Rooted From History.

When we think about mythology, the first thing that comes to mind is Greek mythology. Let’s face it; they have been one of the most effective forms of ancient beings known to man. But did you know that the stories rooted in Celtic Mythology are just as fascinating and adventurous? Little do we know, these stories showcase heroism, love, war, and even the arts. If you ask us, we are just as intrigued when learning about Celtic Mythology as any Irish or Celtic individual.

Luckily, we stumbled upon three spellbinding stories that have sparked our interest, and we hope it does the same for you.

The Sea Monster Pirates

1. The Sea Monster Pirates

As mentioned, we have an idea of Greek gods and goddesses, but did you know that in Ireland, we believe in something similar yet would be the complete opposite of these deities? They were thought to live under the sea, and instead of gods and goddesses, they were demonic giants. The variety of what they would look like would vary from those who told the story. However, they were believed to have one goal: to overthrow those above them to claim their glory.

They were said to be giants busy fending off the people who wanted to conquer Ireland. There have also been accounts that claimed they were rulers over the domain of death. Then again, other stories have been shared that a team of Ireland’s significant gods conquered these “monsters” known as the Tuatha de Danan. It’s safe to say that we had our version of Greek mythology, yet we had both sides of the coin: the demonic giants and the heroic gods.

2. Not Your Ordinary Cupid

When we think about Cupid, we imagine a baby with wings flying around, shooting arrows of love. In Celtic mythology, Cupid is different; he was known as Aengus, the god of love. He isn’t a child, nor did he have wings; imagine a scruffy-bearded man, and you hit the jackpot. One night, Aengus had a vivid yet realistic vision/dream wherein he fell in love with a strange young woman; when he woke up, he couldn’t sleep or eat. He was rendered powerless.

Like every love story ever told, he set off on a quest to find her, and luckily he did. He was filled with butterflies, excitement, and contentment; the plot twist is his dream maiden was cursed and turned into a swan. He could pinpoint who she was among the flock surrounding her and decided to change into a swan. They got married and flew together forever.

Not Your Ordinary Cupid
 Valiant Birds

3. Valiant Birds

Cuchulainn is the Achilles of Gaelic and Celtic mythology; he was a great warrior and hero to his fellow citizens. The story of Cuchulainn's wasting sickness is widely known. The Ulaid of northern Ireland has arrived at a great fair, where they perform singing, dancing, and feats of size and athleticism. The warriors slaughter the birds to give their wives beautiful, feathered ornaments.

When Cuchalainn emerges, he is bearded and ferocious, and with a single strike, he brings all the birds crashing to the ground to make them beautiful ornaments for his wife. Cuchulainn's spouse advises him against striking a unique pair of birds clasped against one another, as they are divine beasts. Cuchalinn hits the birds with only a stone from a holster but only manages to injure one of them. Causing him ill and trapped within an alternate universe wherein he falls in love with a deity. After such a treacherous journey, he was rid of his illness and memory to prosper in the life of his choosing,

These are only some polite yet exciting stories we have heard and read about in Celtic mythology. If we take a closer look at different pieces from various sources, we will be shocked and impressed with what these stories offer.

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If you have stories and comments you would love to share with us, leave a message below; we are eager to hear from you.

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