An Open Letter for Mama This Mother's Day That Will Make Her Cry

An Open Letter for Mama This Mother's Day That Will Make Her Cry

What is the best way to make your mom feel special this Mother's Day?

 Mother's Day

For us here at Celtic Knot, we believe that every mom wants a very intimate way of celebration and one of the things we think that would make her feel super special for this day is to write a very loving and warm letter that goes straight from your heart.

It goes something like this:

Dear Mama,

When I was young, you would always fetch me to school. My classmates would ask me what I do, and I am always proud of my work.

I remember you washing clothes and dishes, and afterward, we went to the playground and played until I got tired.

I remember your youth stories, how your dad would buy you fancy jewellery, and how your mom would make your clothes and role-play like you were the most beautiful princess.

Well, you are - not the princess but the most beautiful queen I know.

You have raised us to be strong, independent, and responsible children.

You sacrificed a lot for us, even your entire life, to give me mine; I will never forget that.

And now, I would like to thank you for believing in me and my talents. For taking a chance for me when no one else would and for fighting for us.

Thank you for your sleepless nights of working and for having the energy to play with us even if you are tired.

Thank you for stopping your world for us when we get sick and for singing NSYNC as your lullaby.

Thank you for doing my hair and makeup on my graduation and prom night and choosing the best dress so everyone could notice me.

Thank you for the road trip ride and for doing a concert when everyone was bored.

Ma, thank you for showing me to fight for myself, to love myself even if someone breaks my heart.

Thank you for those warm hugs and for telling me everything will be alright.

And for proving to me that there is unconditional love and that love comes from the woman who gave me life and sacrificed life for me.

And for that,

I love you, and thank you.

Then, you can add this note to your gifts, like flowers and jewellery. We have a lot of collections that you can choose from, and one of the most requested ones is the Classic Claddagh™ Earrings which represent our friendship with our mom and our loyalty to her. And don't forget those big, warm hugs you gave her when you were young.

Happy Mother's Day.

Get your mother a gift that she truly deserves and that embodies value and meaning—Celtic Knot Jewellery.

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