Ancient Celtic Jewellery in Their Culture

Ancient Celtic Jewellery in Their Culture

Celtic Jewellery, Continuing An Old Age Tradition to the New Normal

Irish Heritage Month is coming, and we are excited about this annual biggest event. This month, we do the traditions handed down for generations – baking and decorating, telling stories, and remembering friends, family, and other holidays.

Some things have changed with the new normal. We are changing how we live and celebrate holidays and traditions, but it doesn’t mean we will forget our practice. The changes we are experiencing now allow us to continue our old-age tradition.

The Irish culture is vibrant. From folklore, literature, and arts, the Ancient Celtic culture is still a surprise to many even today. Around the 5th century, the Celtic art style, which features interlocking knots and spirals, captivated many people with its beauty and mystery. Christian monks were among to start this Insular art and are now famous for designs in stone crosses as Christianity grew and also with Celtic jewellery designs.

And with that in mind, we gather three perfect Irish gifts you can give as a gift of a little piece of Ireland.

1. Celtic Knot™ Ring

If you want to get married this year and surprise your loved one with a very Celtic proposal, then Celtic Knot Ring is right for you. This 18K White Gold finish ring is one of the most famous Celtic jewellery for women and is classified as a faith ring that symbolizes eternity, love, life, and loyalty. It is the best way to start your happy ending.

2. Celtic Knot™ Earrings

Spoil your loved one with these 925 sterling silver Celtic Knot jewellery earrings! Celtic Knot features a trinity knot that reminds your loved one of a tale of a true love that endures. Here is the trick, you can tell her a Fascinating Irish Story of Love and Adventure before showing her the earrings. It will surely make your Irish Heritage Month celebration more memorable and fun.

3. Celtic Knot™ Pendant

The Celtic Knot pendant is one of the symbols you don’t want to miss in your jewellery collection. This year, give your loved one a Celtic knot gift representing the link between heaven and earth, mind and body, and the never-ending cycle of life.

Many things will change this year, maybe it was your St. Patrick's celebration or the way we celebrate Irish Heritage Tradition, but we shouldn’t forget our ancient tradition and culture. With our suggestions above, please find the perfect Irish gift for everyone on your list! Happy Irish Heritage Month!

As an Irish individual, your culture and heritage are rich in symbolism and practices that your jewellery should possess. Buy Now!

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