Stay Connected to Your Irish Roots and Heritage? Wear Celtic Keepsakes!

Stay Connected to Your Irish Roots and Heritage? Wear Celtic Keepsakes!

In an ever-changing society, we lose the essence of our heritage with millennial practices and pieces. We tend to think that what is happening around us is a trend to join or practice. We forget that our heritage and roots are something we should take pride in and that they shouldn't be left behind and forgotten.

The global pandemic has taken a toll on us, and we have yet to take action in line with how we can make the most of the situation while still maintaining the decency of remembering our culture. Since we are limited in the steps we can take, especially regarding traveling to our respective hometowns and villages, we try to think of other ways to stay connected.

Traveling to Ireland amidst the pandemic is genuinely a challenge, and we are faced with the choice of either staying where we are or taking the risk of visiting our respective homes. Fear not; we must never forget that being Irish and practicing our beliefs, values, and symbolism can be done through other outlets. That outlet, my friends, is jewellery.

If you have not noticed, we have several symbols and meanings regarding Irish and Celtic keepsakes that can quickly remind us of our heritage. The current situation that we are in, which involves technological advancements, allows us to adorn these pieces and share them online. Showcasing that we are still proud to be Irish, we want to share our stories and that these pieces and collections keep us connected.

Let's go through some of the symbols and pieces that are truly rich in meaning to remind everyone that we can all remain connected no matter what the situation.

Classic Claddagh

Classic Claddagh

While you are thinking about giving someone a piece of Ireland or wearing one for yourself, a Claddagh symbol is an excellent choice. When you've got a heart full of love, hands overflowing with friendship, and a crown on top representing loyalty, you've got a wide variety of traditional silver and gold jewellery options for both men and women. To make things more interesting, you can also add a birthstone, which can amplify this piece's overall look.

Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot Iconic Symbol

When we think about eternal and unconditional love, the Celtic Knot is the most iconic symbol we can conjure. It serves not only as a bond between husband and wife; it may even be for fathers and daughters, daughters and their mothers, friends, and other family members. Love is a powerful emotion that we can utilize to represent our Irish heritage and true feelings for people.

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Throughout history, there have been beliefs and practices of Christianity and Neo-pagan deities. These beliefs have been taught and crafted through Celtic Crosses to remind our Irish roots and heritage. Whatever your faith and practice are in religion, they may fit the need through the pieces you wear.

The significant part about jewellery is that you wouldn't have to physically be in Ireland to remind yourself of the culture, practices, and values instilled in the land. You may quickly wear pieces that sustain your connection and take pride in what your heritage and culture have to offer.

Wear Celtic Keepsakes that remind you how great it is to be Irish and share your story with the people around you. Visit our store today and order pieces matching your style and personality at Celtic Knot Jewellery.

Please share your thoughts and comments about other Irish symbols and pieces you believe would keep us connected to Ireland.

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