Best Irish Gift Ideas For The Holidays That You Never Thought Of

Best Irish Gift Ideas For The Holidays That You Never Thought Of

People around the world live for and look forward to the holidays. The markets are lively; families take advantage of this hiatus to spend time with each other. And people are busy preparing gifts for their loved ones. This article shares the best Irish gift ideas for every holiday.

Handmade Irish Blessing For The Home

Handmade Irish Blessing For The Home

A blessing on a plaque makes a meaningful gift because you are not just wishing goodness on your loved ones. You’re also sending them luck, abundance, guidance, and many other virtues rolled into one.

Give them an Irish Blessing as simple as this:

“May your home be trimmed in love

With joy wound round and round,

May laughter raise the waters

And merriment around…

May your heart glow with the smiles

Of all your kith and kin

And may heaven grace your

Humble place

As the good Lord dwells within.”

Belleek Tea For One

Belleek Tea For One

Beautiful tea sets aren’t meant to gather dust on the top shelf. It’s meant to be enjoyed with people you love, drinking tea they love. Send the memo!

Every day is a special occasion. We love this iconic tea for one set with quintessential Irish symbolisms – shells, harps, and shamrocks and made in Ireland.

The Celtic Knot™ Pendant

The Celtic Knot™ Pendant

This Celtic Knot keepsake is a class on its own. This pendant stands out because of its meaning, especially at this time of year. It signifies eternity, a never-ending promise of dedication to love, health, career, and life’s purpose.

Traditional Aran Sweater

A Susan Boyle Cd

One of the best Irish gift ideas is the classic Aran sweater! An Aran sweater is also known as a “Fisherman Sweater” and is noted for its use of complex stitch patterns. This delicate garment had us at “finest merino wool” from the Merino sheep.

It’s known the world over for its exceptionally soft and delicate texture, as well as its water-repellent features. Merino wool is naturally long, so aside from its natural insulation, it makes for stronger fiber—an excellent gift for both men and women.

Irish Wool Trinity Flat Cap

This Irish wool trinity flat cap goes well with that traditional Aran sweater! Handcrafted using age-old methods by the Mucros weavers, this Trinity Flat cap is made from the finest and purest wool. Fully lined for comfort and warmth, it adds that elegant touch to anyone!

A Susan Boyle CD

A Susan Boyle Cd

Susan Boyle is the daughter of Irish immigrants to Glasgow. She rose to fame after her superb performance as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent (third cycle), singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables.

She broke all stereotypes and was at the receiving end of the typically ruthless judge, Simon Cowell’s praises. Her voice and rendition of songs will touch the heart of anyone who receives it as a gift.

Irish Breakfast Basket

Irish Breakfast BasketNothing says Nollaig Shona dhuit (Null-eg henna which, Happy Christmas!) than an Irish breakfast comes Christmas morn. The Irish are big on breakfast. For a reason, it's called the “Full Irish” – it’ll tide you over until past lunch!

This gift basket includes a delectable selection of bacon, pudding, Irish sausages, Barry's tea, Irish jam, and Kerrygold – the cream of Irish butter.

A Symbolic And Elegant Jewellery Set

Final Thoughts On The Best Irish Gift Ideas For Holidays

It’s the season of indulgence; up the ante with this earring, necklace, and ring set. All pieces are inspired by the infinity and goddess knot – Celtic symbols representing love, friendship, faith, and loyalty for hundreds of years. It comes in 18K white gold finishing that exudes quality and elegance.

Final Thoughts On The Best Irish Gift Ideas For Holidays

Whatever the holiday is, whether it’s Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day, these ideas can help you prevent the holiday rush. They say it’s never too early to think about holiday preps. Avoid the holiday rush like you’ve always wanted to. Make your list, check it twice, and give your loved ones a present as exceptional as they are.

Question for you: When do you start preparing gifts for the holiday? And what gets you into the holiday cheer? Let us know in the comments below.

Buy gifts that remind you of your pride in being Irish through Celtic keepsakes made for you!

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