Discover and Learn How To Celebrate and Rekindle Your Celtic Heritage In The Simplest Ways EVERYDAY

Discover and Learn How To Celebrate and Rekindle Your Celtic Heritage In The Simplest Ways EVERYDAY

As Irish and Celtic people, we come from a bloodline of generations that practice and showcase our roots and heritage through the experience and stories shared by our ancestors. These stories, symbolisms, and values passed on as we grow older are kept sacred and passed down to generations after us. It’s a never-ending cycle that keeps us grounded and connected in which we are never afraid nor ashamed to take pride.

That said, we live in a society that is growing and changing at a rate that we have never expected. People are prone to adapt to what is thrown at them and, at some point, forget the roots that have molded and made them who they are today.

The beauty of Celtic and Irish practices is that even if passed on through generations, the teachings, values, and symbolisms have also adapted to our current society. If you haven’t noticed, one of the main reasons we are still connected to our Celtic and Irish heritage is through the symbolisms present in the jewellery, language, historical monuments, and the individuals proud to proclaim their heritage.

Our primary concern is how you can celebrate, practice, convey, and showcase your Irish roots and heritage in everyday life. The answer is quite simple, and we can walk you through it.

Wear Celtic Jewellery or Clothing

It seems materialistic, but hear us out. We aren’t saying you should dress up like your ancestors as you walk through everyday life; that’s taking it out of context. Again, with what we are experiencing in our current society, there are jewellery and forms of clothing that keep us connected and rooted to our heritage.

Quick examples are handcrafted jewellery designed to showcase the symbols and values practiced generations ago. These symbols never grow old and, over time, have been molded to become pieces of jewellery that stand out within the current trend. There are statement shirts, top hats, and jackets with designs with the same concept or with historical monuments and ancient Celtic folklore.

Truthfully, so many pieces of clothing and jewellery showcase your Irish roots and heritage, waiting for you to wear them.

Master Your Language

One of the best ways to stay connected to your roots, wherein you wouldn’t be spending a dime, would be to master your language. There are novels and stories written in the Celtic language that would mean more and feel different if you understand the depth and beauty of these written pieces. There are instances wherein the message of a particular story or work loses its essence when translated.

Master your language and stay CONNECTED.

Learn About Your Roots

Another aspect of rekindling and embracing your Celtic heritage would be learning about your family roots. This can go on for decades, but learning about the past life of your ancestors, the history of what they have gone through over the years, and how it boils down to your current era is genuinely magical.

Travel To Your Place Of Origin

Going to your hometown, or the hometown of your significant, great, great, great, great, we can go on, but your ancestral origin will surely make you realize so much and keep you connected to your roots. These places they have lived in, or the places that have become monumental historical landscapes, can take you back in time and let you feel the presence of your ancestors and how they came to be.

Overall, staying connected to your roots daily is not a matter of faith or belief; it’s a choice. If you showcase and stay connected to your roots, there will always be a way. These practices and examples are only some ways you can do so, but ultimately, the decision is all yours. Take pride in your Celtic and Irish heritage, stay connected, and further share your gift with the people you encounter daily.

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If you have further questions or comments about your Celtic roots and heritage, please leave them below; we would love to hear from you.

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