It's Time For a New Discovery: Learn More About 5 Famous Irish People TODAY!

It's Time For a New Discovery: Learn More About 5 Famous Irish People TODAY!

When we think about famous people, we immediately assume they have made it to the big screen. The truth is fame, or being famous, isn’t about being seen or heard by the public. Being famous is more of the imprint and mark you have left on society, whether big or small. Ensuring that the actions taken or your rise to stardom has left a positive or negative impact that has made you memorable.

Irish people have several famous people that are well known across the borders, and we take pride in their contributions to their respective crafts. We will tackle our Top 5 Famous Irish people so you can get to know them and how they have made a name for themselves and have ensured they are remembered over time.

Number 5: Enya

Every country has a representative for individuals with golden voices or artists that can serenade our hearts. That artist for Ireland would be Enya. She was born and raised in Gweedore and became a sensation as she progressed in her career. She even had a song nominated for the World Music Awards and four Grammys. That song is none other than “May It Be.” This song was initially written for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and has also been nominated for the Golden Globes.

Number 4: Oscar Wilde

Born in Dublin, Oscar was one of the great literary playwrights that changed how we perceive literary compositions. Writing and ensuring that the message is getting across to your audience is challenging, yet Oscar Wilde did so with finesse and ease. His rise to fame was from two of his great works, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “The Importance of Being Earnest.”

Number 3: Mary Robinson

During her campaign, women didn’t have a place in politics. The gender divide during her time was still pretty challenging, yet Mary chose to make a difference. Her goal was to secure her seat in the presidency to fight for her reforms, rights, and advocacies. Luckily enough, the people of Ireland stood by her, and she was seated in office as the first-ever female president of Ireland. Her term became even more memorable as she spearheaded the transformation of Ireland and made it a modern country.

Number 2: Liam Neeson

Of course, we aren’t going to bypass the people that have made their presence felt in the film industry, and we all have to take pride in someone like Liam Neeson. His career as an Irish actor was never easy as he tried to propel his progress in the US. He has made it with the drive and determination he has shown as an individual, and we are all glad he did. Thanks to him, Irish actors and actresses are now given more opportunities on the big screen.

Number 1: Conor Mcgregor

He was moving toward the field of sports. Conor Mcgregor has made it to the top of our list since he is also one of the most controversial Irish individuals we take pride in. Several people would hate him, and some idolize and love him. Either way, he has secured a spot on the list as he has revolutionized the way people see Mixed Martial Arts as just an act of aggression but a sport you must train and work hard for.

The reason why we want you to learn about these famous Irish people is not for us to be jealous of what they have achieved. Moreover, they have succeeded in different fields of the industry and have impacted each aspect. We know them not only because their name is recognizable, but quite frankly, they have made a difference.

Being Irish does not mean that you should be famous or that these people should be idolized to the extent that we would mimic what they do. What we can take away from this is that, as Irish individuals, we can achieve different goals in any aspect of the industry as long as we are driven to do so. Our Irish heritage and values that express Love, Loyalty, Unity, Compassion, Faith, and Friendship are all values rooted in everything we do.

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If there are famous people you believe should be on the list, feel free to comment below; we would love to discuss them with you.

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