Uncovering The Myths and Secrets Behind The Celtic Claddagh Symbol. Things You Should Know TODAY!

Uncovering The Myths and Secrets Behind The Celtic Claddagh Symbol. Things You Should Know TODAY!

When we think about Celtic symbols and designs, it has been with us for ages, and we find certain beliefs and practices pretty unbelievable and absurd. It's not that these beliefs are wrong, but some myths can be uncovered and broken through. We are not changing the practice and the symbolism of the design; we are enlightening those still unfamiliar with the methods we share.

Take note that this is purely an opinion based on research, and it would still benefit you to take a closer look at what these symbols mean and why we embody such values and beliefs with the said symbol.

We are open to the idea that there may be instances wherein the details and facts discussed here may be different from what you believe in. Feel free to share your perspective and thoughts, and we can further discuss and learn together. As Irish people, we share one goal: to promote our heritage through acts and designs.

First and foremost, what is the Claddagh symbol or the Celtic Claddagh? The design showcases two hands enclosing a heart in the middle with a crown. The symbol generically represents Friendship, Love, and Loyalty. The ring was used in jewellery to celebrate a union, bond, or engagement, yet the Claddagh symbol isn't just a romantic piece of jewellery.

Here are some of the Myths that we have chosen to break:

Celtic knot earrings

"It's Bad Luck To Buy It For Yourself"

Let us be the first to tell you that it isn't TRUE! Many tourists who travel to Ireland purchase a Claddagh ring as a gift. Some people buy Claddagh rings to show their pride in their Irish heritage, regardless of whether or not they have someone to give it to.

We immediately assume that a particular person should receive this from us. Still, we are special too, and if we exude and promote the same values and traditions that are incorporated and associated with the piece, we can certainly wear it.

"You Have To Be Irish or Celtic To Wear It"

This is also a myth. In addition to these reasons, people can wear the Claddagh because of their heritage or interest in Irish culture. Most historians have yet to learn exactly when the tradition was taken and practiced across the globe, but we're glad it happened. This shows that the symbol has captured the hearts and imaginations of the Irish and their friends worldwide.

The celtic earrings Claddagh ring

"Can We Give It As A Gift To A Friend/s?"

Absolutely! Customers have chosen and purchased Claddagh rings for various members of their families. Groups worldwide give Claddagh rings as tokens of lasting relationships, either as a token of platonic or romantic love.

"Can Single People Wear Claddagh Rings?"

It is entirely up to the person wearing it to define the traditions and significance of choosing to wear a Claddagh ring. As discussed in our previous blog, "What's Your Status? The True Meaning And Symbolism Of The Claddagh You Wear" How you wear your Claddagh ring is totally up to you.

How you showcase the symbolism and value behind the piece is within your control and can be exemplified in how you wear it.

Claddagh rings

All these myths boil down to what you practice as an Irish or Celtic individual, quite frankly, for any race that plans on using and expressing their story through this beautiful design. These myths have been circulating throughout our society, but it does not mean it is set in stone. Let's embrace our heritage and beliefs through the jewellery that we purchase.

Should you wish to own these pieces for yourself or someone special, visit our shop today at Celtic Knot Jewellery!

If you have comments, suggestions, and other myths that should be broken and uncovered, please leave your comments below, and we would love to hear from you.

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