Celtic Jewellery: The Beauty and Meaning That They Possess

Celtic Jewellery: The Beauty and Meaning That They Possess

People quickly assume that jewellery should have all the gems and diamonds to be considered valuable. The truth is that Irish and Celtic jewellery is handcrafted pieces focusing on symbols and meaning. These symbols exemplify beauty, but their purpose portrays one's personality.

It’s about time we focus on what our pieces represent about us rather than how much it costs or if it matches the outfit that we are wearing.

Here are some of the symbols that well-known Celtic Jewellery embodies:

The Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot has been said to symbolize the triquetra believed in early Christianity as the Holy Trinity and was also the symbol of the goddess Odin. Such religious belief is embedded in the logo, showcasing the representation of continuity or an endless cycle. Many Celtic and Irish individuals wear this piece to voice their spiritual practices or share that their lives are within the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot, on the other hand, promotes the value of eternal and unconditional love or would represent fertility. Irish individuals proudly wear this symbol to profess their promise to friends, family, and their significant other. Eternal and unconditional love advocates consistency and unity amongst those who share it, which is a true testament to the idea that such a form of love still exists.

The Celtic Knot Collections The Claddagh Collection

The Claddagh

A symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. There are instances wherein we presume that we can’t love our friends and that they exist only when we need them. The Irish Claddagh symbol exemplifies the importance of friendship; it can even be given to your significant other since they may also be your best friend. The beauty of Claddagh is that it is worn in different ways to showcase what it expresses.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross represents that Christ is the center of their respective lives. Many religious practices are shared amongst people today, yet we still believe that we have a higher power governing and guiding our individual decisions. Christian practices revolve around the idea that Christ is the savior and is laced around their neck to showcase his sacrifices for their sins.

The jewellery you wear shouldn’t just focus on the price it was purchased or the type of gemstone you have embedded in it. Pieces rooted in rich heritage and symbolism exemplify the personality of those who wear them with pride. Beauty isn’t seen in how much your jewellery shines, but true beauty is how much your jewellery can share and showcase your personality.

Celtic handcrafted pieces embody Irish practices that are dated across generations. Personify the pieces that you wear through jewellery that tell a story. Break the norm and find value within meaning rather than utilizing deals through cost and expense.

The Celtic Cross represents that Christ is the center of their respective lives.

It’s time we take pride in Irish handcrafted pieces and wear your roots and heritage daily. Visit our website at Celtic Knot Jewellery.

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