The Secret Behind Celtic Symbols and The Meaning You Can Learn From It.

The Secret Behind Celtic Symbols and The Meaning You Can Learn From It.

We have heard a lot about Celtic symbolism, heritage, culture, and how they are rooted from generations over time and practiced in today’s society. “Celtic People” or “Celtics” generally refers to those living in Western Europe and Great Britain. However, Irish symbols have slowly molded with the same practice and have now become sides of the same coin. We shouldn't assume that they have the same meaning and exercise, but their symbolism and meaning are exciting and something we can learn from.

Some of the symbols we are about to share with you may be familiar at first glance or easily recognized, but you aren’t quite sure about the meaning they possess. Let’s walk through these symbols together and take pride in our Irish and Celtic heritage.

1. The Celtic Cross

 The Celtic Cross

We immediately assume that the Celtic Cross wrapped within a circle would symbolize Christianity and religious faith. It may have been believed so after decades. However, there are representations that the cross would represent the four cardinal directions, with the circle of life embracing it.

Then again, your practice and faith matched with the symbolism are all that matters; it can be a significant belief of the Holy Trinity, the Neo-pagan goddesses, or even the circle of life (birth-death-reincarnation) wrapped with faith. It’s good to know that the historic practice would predate different meanings as time progressed, but now it is a choice of what we want to believe in.

2. The Shamrock

The Shamrock

This is one of the symbols that has stayed the same over time, yet it has been believed to be the national symbol of Ireland or the Celtic people. The shamrock is a three-leaf plant with leaves shaped like a heart and was thought to be a carrier of good luck.

There are even instances wherein you may stumble upon a rare four-leaf clover which means even greater luck. It isn’t harmful to believe in, but what’s there to lose? So if you stumble upon that rare piece of four-leaves, take it and keep it!

3. The Celtic Tree Of Life

The Celtic Tree Of Life

We all know that trees symbolize life and heritage as a general rule of thumb. With the Celtics and Irish culture, on the other hand, it means more than that; the Celtic Tree Of Life also symbolizes balance and harmony; there are even different variations of this symbol that can match one’s personality.

Some Celtic practices even believe that their loved ones will materialize in these trees after death, and they would still have a special connection to those on earth. It’s as if it serves as a connection between the living and the dead.

4. The Celtic Eternity Knot

The Celtic Eternity Knot

Celtic eternity knots intertwine and have no ends, symbolizing the belief in no beginning and end. Our lives are part of an endless cycle that we all can manifest in. Each opportunity given to live life to the fullest, give back to those that need it, and do it all over again is a practice that we can apply in today’s society.

We are blinded by the belief that there is no life after death, but why not make the most of your current life?

5. The Triquetra

The Triquetra

One of the most recognizable symbols in Celtic and Irish practices, it symbolizes the trinity of family, eternal love, and strength. Over generations, those who wear this symbol are true believers of the values embedded in it and practice such in everyday life.

The elaborate symbol is designed with an endless knot to showcase that there is no limit to how much you can express your values, especially to those who mean the most to you.

There are more Celtic and Irish symbols that you can learn about as you further invest in their rich culture. The beauty of these symbols is that they are designed in modern and elegant jewellery and even in other apparel. These symbols keep us grounded and allow us to share what we believe in with people that become part of our existence.

Exploring these different symbols is more than just fun. Still, they are also enlightening in ways to unlock our inner personalities and express these values and meanings with those in the dark about what we believe in.

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Allow your jewellery to express your story.

If there are symbols that you would want to discuss with us, feel free to comment down below, and we would love to hear your thoughts and insights on these symbols.

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